Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Ask me what I really think

American Sniper, the story of Chris Kyle debuted this week breaking all movie records.  Why? Because not only does it give you an insight to what our service members go through, it also touches and I mean "just touches" upon what the family goes through as well.

It's hard being a military spouse, and for some it doesn't stop there.  A large majority of us also have children that serve.  It's nerve wracking and yes, we chose this life-we develop our own "battle buddies" to get us through-so it really ticks me off when I hear fucktards like Michael Moore and Seth Rogan make ignorant comments about this film.  Your entitled to them.  That's part of the freedoms our soldiers guarantee you still enjoy-so regardless of what I think of them, they can say what they wish....but that doesn't stop me from wishing you were standing in front of the enemy lines.


Sunday, October 16, 2011

It's not all Glitz and Glamour!

It's not easily done nor accepted as today I am flooded with the emotion of how wrong this may be and bear an aching heart and a knot the size of Afghanistan in the pit of my stomach. The beginning of another year long deployment.  LOL, right says the Army tough and trained FRG Leader!  I am still a wife and mother after all, and separation on any level is still emotional with huge adjustments...I don't care how battle ready you are. All month long we've been preparing for this D-Day, and I was talking to one of my girlfriends who husband is also deployed and we started talking about the most annoying things that usually well-meaning people say to us regarding deployments. We agreed that we are always polite in our responses and that we realize that the offending person usually had only the best of intentions because truly how else could you respond to someone's question "Aren't you afraid they'll be killed". Really! Do you ask cancer patients if their afraid of dying?


Seriously, that ranks number one on my "No shit"-question list

I guess you learn to manage though, you have to because otherwise you would break after the first deployment.  It's not  like we daydreamed as kids of the days when we would become anxious single parents who carry cell phones with us to the bathroom, made of some mysterious matter making us more capable, to repair automobiles, plumbing, boo-boo's, emotional crisis, attend FRG meetings, AFTB training, school activities, ACS functions while preparing two years of back taxes with a power of attorney on hand and stand in line at the post office with the uptenth care package waiting to be mailed while God forbidding to ever watch the news smiling the entire time because the world is watching and waiting for you to crack.   Hoo-rah!

And don't say please of all things...at least he's not in Iraq.  WTF-do you think their playing Golf in Afghanstan people.  War is war, and it's not pretty no matter the duty station.  Have you ever gone thru CRT training that prepares you in the event of your soldiers death or someone in your company.  I think not.  Bitches please and let's not even get started on the effects it has on your children. 

 It's frustrating and really I guess it all comes down to people really just don't know what to say if you  think about it so don't take anything here I say as personal, just take it for what it is...another military wife re-adjusting to another deployment....and I will because I wouldn't trade it or my husband for anything in the world!

Peace everyone!