Friday, December 31, 2010

It's 2011....Pamper the diva in you with simple delights!

Ever feel like a pendulum constantly swinging to balance your professional or personal life?  Lord knows I do and I have those moments when I have more on my plate than I can handle and all I wish for is, just a little "me attention".  You know what I'm talking about ladies!  2010 was crazy and non-stop, not to mention rarely a free moment that I could take for my self to just pamper my inner DIVA.  You remember the old saying If daddy isn't happy no one cares, but if Momma isn't happy no one is happy. Perhaps good ol Mom has just been going thru the motions because if she stopped and thought of herself, nothing would get done. 

Now don't get me wrong and start getting pissed off or anything.  We do take the occasional break, have lunch with our galpals or indulge in a mani or pedi.  I'm talking about the day to day conversation with our inner selves.  That part of you that you pamper every single day to help you feel good about yourself  or reminds you, that your someone, or something more, than just a taxi cab, washing machine, chef, doctor, counselor, sports promoter, military spouse; the endless list that takes time away from you; your best girlfriend!!!!!!

Plus the doctor says I have to take better care of myself and I'm telling you right now, running down to the gym to sweat like a pig is definitely not in my vocabulary.  Trust me I eat enough leafy green vegetables to fertilize any crop farm and no matter how well I try to care of myself...sometimes the good ol fashion "healthy" touch is not what I need or want. 

So, one of my goals in 2011 is to pamper my own inner diva.  I'm not talking spending tons of money or suddenly become selfish and self absorbed.  I'm talking simple daily delights to remind myself I am special, to make me smile and feel good, so I can be a better person, wife, friend and mother.  Here are a few ideas I have seen or heard, some my friends are doing lately or shared by other military wives. 

  •   Paint my toe nails a color I've never dreamed of wearing
  •   Try on couture gowns in a fancy boutique
  •   Try on a dozen new lipsticks until I find a winner
  •   Wear my absolute favorite pair of shoes even if they are out of season or style
  •   Take Salsa lessons
  •   Make a homemade body scrub with sea salt, lemon and sesame seeds
  •   Dance to Madonna in front of the mirror
  •   Put on a floral dress and maybe even gloves and meet my girlfriends for high tea
  •   Buy fishnet stockings and wear them to a Hui board meeting!
  •   Try on jewelry at a expensive jeweler

So this is just my start list and I'm going to do it instead of waiting and saying I'll get to it and that turns into next week and next week turns into next month and so on and so on; you get the picture.  I plan on doing a simple delight every day to stay in communication with my inner diva instead of when I'm already worn out and run down.  I've earned it.  You've earned.  Our minds, bodies and spirits have earned it. 

The best part of this is I can include my girlfriends in a lot of them as well so they can pamper their diva's as well and if you know my girlfriends (lol you know who you are)  woo Lord....we are some fabulous diva's! 

Pamper on Ladies!                                    


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Going off the 2010 Rocker with style!

Ok!  So as most of you know I've been off the blogger scene for QUITE some time now, and I've promised my friend Krystal aka Army wife 101; I would start writing again.  Not sure what the hell I was thinking with everything on my plate, but I do love to write even if the only person I amuse is myself!  It's got to count for something right, or it's the thought that counts.  Whatever the quote, it doesn't matter!  What matters it that I'm in front of the keyboard again and making an honest effort to get back into something I really love to do.  Talk or in this case write.  Talking to much is the main reason my husband Brian refuses to go shopping with me.  He swears I go not to shop, but just to talk to anyone and everyone.  What can I say?  I grew up in a family that talks non-stop and we had to talk over each other just to be heard. 

So, I've decided to get off my 2010 rocker so to speak and bring in 2011 with a renewed spirit.  Don't we all say that every year?  I know I have, but I mean it this year.  1st thing on top of my list is to get this Fibromyalgia crap under control and plant my foot up my Army provided doctor behind at the same time.  I think his prescription pad is awful lonely because he told me that he believes I have unresolved "childhood" issues and I am a highly functioning "psycho-suppressed" person that I should seek professional help, because I was bringing all this unexplained pain onto myself on a unconsciousness level. 

Hello, jackass please take your cracker jack box degree out of my head and keep your observations to yourself.   He really had me going there for a minute thinking I should go ahead and reserve my spot on top of the tower!  Don't get me wrong, I'm very thankful for our medical services for what they are.  I'm also thankful for all our service members and the duties they provide that allow us to reap those benefits.  What pissed me off so much was this is a general practitioner just inserting his personal opinion on me with no background what so ever in depression or Fibromyalgia, and was reading the fact sheet off the computer from the 80's.  Never mind how far studies have come since then, he was penned and ready to write up any prescription he felt I needed and even had the nerve to tell me....I was in deniel and needed to seek counseling.  Wack job!

Whatever Trevor!

So to get off the gas on that one because trust me I could rant and rave forever and that will only put me in a mood and I've got to cook dinner or else Aaron will think he's starving and I can't have that.  I will keep this post short and sweet as just to let everyone know I'm good and getting back to writing....thanks Krystal for the kick :)   Special shoutout to all my battle wives who help keep us other strong and focused.  I love and cherish my friends. 

Anyways, I know I'm kinda leaving you all hanging.  Think of it this way, you'll have something to look forward to for the next post.  Just wanted to get a few words in.  What do you think of the new title.  I'd love the little jab and truly it's a touch of my own sarcastic personality that rarely comes out anymore.....Medicated and Motivated!  That's me. 

Peace Ya'll!