Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Devil's beating his wife!

So what a great month February has been!  Valentines Day, Winter Gala with 45th STB and shark diving.  For those who didn't know, when Brian, Aaron and I moved to Hawaii we made a pact that at least two weekends a month we would do something on the island.  Take on a new adventure, learn something new and experience the culture and mingle with the people.  This way we learn everything we can and take a little with us when we go and perhaps leave a little with Hawaii when we go as well! 

Oahu has so much to offer ranging from hikes of all skill ranges to sitting in the local park watching the roller derby.  You only have to get out and seek out your adventure.  One of our all time favorite things is watching the whales from November to March, something you never get tired of seeing.  If you wish to check out our favorite vendor just visit Star of Honolulu for great rates and tour dates.  Lunch or breakfast if optional and each cruise includes Hawaiian cultural fun things to do such as Lei making and learning the hula!

My all time favorite by far has been our recent adventure....the shark cage!  Hosted by we had a blast.  These guys Joe and Captain Dave made sure we had a great time.  The cage is already set and anchored in the water and because the crab boats dump their bait and stuff out there the sharks are already use to the sound and vibration of the motor and no need to bait the waters.  When we pulled up to the cage.....the sharks immediately started circling.  Talk about exciting and spooky at the same time.
This is a must do while on Oahu whether your vacation or recently moved here or stationed here.  5 stars all the way. 

We all had a great time at our military ball-Winter Gala.  While I'm really not what you would call a girly girl, I will admit I do love the occasional opportunity to dress up and step out of the normal shorts and t-shirt into some makeup and high heels.  Who doesn't!
Hehe, my gal pal Stacy and I with our diva's on.  I found it extremely amusing that night that so many people didn't recognize me and the double takes they were doing.  What does that say.  Hmn Confucius never said anything about that!

Oh well, spent a productive morning at the Thrift shop with just myself and I.  Emptied the shed and sorted thru donations so that Grandma won't have a terrible work load in the morning.  That crazy woman is out parasailing today with Kim and the kids and the heavens have opened up and started pouring rain.  Ha where I grew up we called that the devil beating his wife because if the sun was shining while raining...that's what was going on..  it's a southern thang.  You'd just have to know it to understand it! 

Anyhow-peace peeps and keep it real!  Candice out!

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