Saturday, January 8, 2011

Give me the greatness of heart to see the difference between duty and his love for me.

So once again we've spent another Saturday in a long line of many, packing Brian for another training expedition.  Yeah.  Really, how many times can a company go to NTC?  I know we are constantly training and I really do appreciate the fact my husband is a lean, mean fighting machine, but again how many times is NTC necessary!

Dragging out tons of heavy equipment and rolling up socks and shirts is my idea of fun, I can only imagine Brian's.  Going down that endless checklist, not to mention last minute items to be done to last the month and half he will be gone.  At least it's not deployment right.  As if that's not one of the worse things to fall upon a military wife's ears.  Those well meaning friends that say "Oh I know just how you feel". Seriously, and just how would you know...your husband works in a bank.  Or the infamous "Aren't you afraid he'll be killed?"  Horrified would be more like it Captain Obvious.  WTF! 

It's truly just one of those pet peeves that as a military wife I sometimes have a hard time swallowing, and have to remind myself we live in a different world and it is hard for those outside of it to understand, no matter how well intended they want to be. 

So the bags are all packed, cold weather included for an all inclusive round trip to  secluded Ft. Irwin for a month and 1/2.  Registration has been renewed on the truck, tires all have air, Christmas lights all taken down, along with the grass mowed, all that's left to do; say goodbyes and catch the plane.  So here's to all you wives who joke around saying you wish you could send your husband's away for 6 months.  Take our word for you don't.  Here's to all our service members deployed or not and the spouse's and families that support them!

See you when you get home honey.  Stay safe and hurry home!

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