Monday, January 3, 2011

Her Eyesight Was “Born Again”…Returned To Normal In A Single Day.

So as I'm sitting at my desk bright and early this morning, my husband Brian comes in from p.t., to find me hanging up the phone and laughing. 

Brian..."What's so funny"
I reply- nothing other than Aaron was off to school bright and early and it so happens they don't go back until tomorrow. 
Brian...."Your kidding, right?"
We both die laughing!

Then he proceeds to ask me what was my New Year's Resolution.  OMG, what is it about resolutions?  The big loaded question with ton's of pressure behind it.  Do I diet, do I volunteer more, cook more, spend more time with family, take up a new hobby.......WHAT??????  Each year I go thru this whole process of what to do and always fall short.  My guns are loaded full of determination that this is the year I'm going to do whatever lucky task it is I've decided to take on or change. 


Kid.....Mom there's no school today and the teachers were looking at me funny.  Man I could have slept in late, you owe me BIG time.  I just fluff in response.  I'm still in the milky way like some astronauts discarded piss just floating thru time.  Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.  I noticed that ACS on Schofield Barracks has started a new Biggest Loser contest, targeted towards all of us fondly known as "chunks of love".  If I've said it once, I've said it 1,000 times.  Sweating to the oldies is not my cup of tea, so don't see that happening anytime soon.  I did get two new cookbooks but really how many new recipes can you make your family suffer thru in a week before they start to throw down the gauntlets of mutiny?  Hmn, next please!


Seriously Bishop, must you lick your balls or the lack there of since I did have those puppies cut off long ago, right in front of me.  What ever was there is long, long gone.  Give it a rest!  There's a girl in the room.  Shish. 

I could plant some new plants if for no other reason than to give Brian something else to complain about.  I do love gardening, and that doesn't have to be a resolution, but it would have to wait until next week as I've got a lot going on this week with the Hui  Thrift shop.  Looks like Brian's been saved for at least a few days.

Ever notice when you need something done, not a single kid to be found, but holler lunch time and your surrounded by kids you don't even know.  I mean I've tried to childproof my house, but somehow they keep getting in.  What's up with that!  Now I need just mine to come empty this damn trash.  Figures!  I'll hide come dinner time.  Take that sucker......

I did say I was going to dedicate some me time to my inner diva.  That one I'm gonna stick to cause I could use a little pampering but is that really a resolution or just a goal?  Groan, oh the pressure!  Look to just keep it simple whatever happens in 2011 will happen.  If my fat ass loses weight...then I'll go shopping.  If I cook 7 new recipes per week and my crew bails to Burger King...hope the door doesn't hit them in the ass on the way out.  Good luck to the chunks of love in the Biggest Loser challenges.  Oreo's and deodorant are on sale at the commissary, stock up on that secret stash now.  Dog still licking.....lost cause.  Kid still missing-mom on strike starting asap. 

Who said hindsight is 20/20?

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