Monday, January 10, 2011

The Kid and the Microsoft Mindfuck

You know why I can never find the kid.....XBOX LIVE.  This has got to be the most addicting thing ever created targeted around kids and husbands alike.  Aaron goes into some deep trance with all these side effects that include selective hearing and memory loss. 

He can't remember to do his chores, he can't hear me when I ask him to do something and he sure as hell isn't listening when I tell him to go pick up the dog poo.  Well not that I'd listen either, but that's not the point.

What's the draw????

When I was a kid, sure we were excited when Atari came out. Donkey Kong and Frogger were to die for, but to spend 4 hours straight on it just to keep your frog from being splatted!  Huh hello, NOT!  I literally have to pry my kid, not to mention my ol man off the Xbox with a crow bar and unplug it from the wall because otherwise they'd just jump right back on it when I left the room.  Go outside and play.  Mow the lawn or wash that dirty thing you call a ride. 

I am He-Man, hear me roar!

And what's with this game Black Ops?  Is this Inspector Gadget's opportunity to truly be a crime fighter?  You even get a head set to listen to everyone curse and talk smack to the other 3,9999,5790348 husbands and kids online playing.  Please people, I just want to slap you so hard your eyeballs do laps around your heads.  Besides, if I wanted to run around multiple countries shooting anything that least give me the option to make a really sexy kick ass avatar so I might be motivated to play. 

Ugh, I hate this game.  The only good thing about the Xbox is the ability to watch my Netflix movies on there or occasionally play a little Boggle or Pac-Man.  Guess I'm ol school and figure being in the military lifestyle we have to deal with enough Uncle Sam throws at us....I don't need Xbox bringing it live into my living room.  Next thing you know they'll have military channel available too....Lord help us then.  Besides I don't need or want Microsoft messing with my kids head....that's what I do for fun.  Back off suckers

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